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Introducing Felt Storyframes for iPhone — just in time for the Holidays!

You may have heard me say it before– Felt has reimagined handwritten cards for a mobile society. It’s true. And this month, the Felt team has introduced the iPhone version just in time for (more…)

Felt delivers handwritten thank you’s in an iPad app

feltapplogosmallHave you ever felt inspired to write a thank you note, but you didn’t have any stamps or appropriate thank you cards in your magic drawer? A clever new iPad app aims to solve our thank you note challenges and “revives the old school tradition” of handwritten cards. I downloaded Felt today after my friend emailed that it was available on the Apple App Store. (Full disclosure: her son’s design team worked on the app). She wrote:

 I think it’s pretty cool and hope it will get us all back on track with our “thank you’s!” (more…)