Felt delivers handwritten thank you’s in an iPad app

feltapplogosmallHave you ever felt inspired to write a thank you note, but you didn’t have any stamps or appropriate thank you cards in your magic drawer? A clever new iPad app aims to solve our thank you note challenges and “revives the old school tradition” of handwritten cards. I downloaded Felt today after my friend emailed that it was available on the Apple App Store. (Full disclosure: her son’s design team worked on the app). She wrote:

 I think it’s pretty cool and hope it will get us all back on track with our “thank you’s!”

I couldn’t agree more! Felt has reimagined handwritten cards for a mobile society.

To get started, download the free Felt app to your iPad device. When you are ready to create your card, simply choose from the original designs, select a pen and ink color from your digital tools (there’s even an eraser feature), and finally, craft your personalized handwritten message.

After you finish writing your message, “swipe” over to the envelope. From the developer:

After composing your message, you also address the envelope by hand. For a flat rate of $3.99, your writing is printed on premium Mohawk card stock and a kraft paper envelope, then stamped and mailed within 24 hours via the US Postal Service.

You can expect your card to arrive at its destination within 2-5 business days.

Signed, sealed, delivered – all from your iPad.

For your original penmanship to really shine in this app, the company recommends a stylus instead of your finger. I used my Bamboo Stylus Duo (BSD) when trying Felt for the first time (you’ll need these with your BSD). It took  me a few attempts to get my digital handwriting stride, but once I did, it was pure joy. Tip: press firmly with your stylus but keep your hand off the screen.

Felt is off to a terrific start, and I look forward to watching the Felt team build out additional card options and other feature-rich experiences over time. When you consider the time and cost of shopping for greeting cards and purchasing stamps, Felt has simplified and modernized the art of handwritten cards with a fun and easy to use iPad app.

Learn more and download Felt today.


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