Introducing Felt Storyframes for iPhone — just in time for the Holidays!

You may have heard me say it before– Felt has reimagined handwritten cards for a mobile society. It’s true. And this month, the Felt team has introduced the iPhone version just in time for the holidays.

From the Felt team:

“Send beautiful, handwritten Holiday cards to everyone on your list—all from your iPhone. Felt Storyframes lets you create and send personalized photos in the mail. The real mail! First, start with a photo. Then, add custom frames, filters, handwriting, doodles, and text. You can write on the front and the back. You can even handwrite the address on each envelope. Send just one Storyframe or up to five, to all your friends and family. We’ll take care of the rest. We professionally print your Storyframes on premium card stock, seal them in our red, square kraft-paper envelopes, add the stamps, and pop them in the mail to arrive by your selected delivery date. A post office in your pocket. Storyframes come in a fun accordion-style format with perforated edges between the photos, so you can stand them up on the mantle, or detach the photos and display them separately.”

Felt’s Storyframes start at three bucks per recipient, including postage. Add a buck for each additional photo up to five photos, and just add an additional dollar for international shipping.

When you want to send a unique holiday card to someone special, look no further than your iPhone to get started! Download Felt Storyframes today and start creating!


Felt Delivers Handwritten Thank You’s in an iPad App

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