Top three posts

Slide01I am very grateful to have picked up some followers in these early days of writing a blog! To say I am a reluctant blogger may be a fair assessment, but as the newness wears off and I begin to find my stride, I can see this reluctancy starting to fade away. Here are my top three posts thus far:

  1. Stand Out: Pete Cooper, President of the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
  2. QR what?
  3. Waking Up Full of Awesome

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Professional Development for Development Professionals

Last week I renewed my AFP membership. I also became a new member of BoardSource.

A quick read of the BoardSource website says they have “more than 12,000 nonprofit leaders from around the globe.” One of my main reasons for joining BoardSource, in addition to the incredible publications they offer, was to have greater access to their professional growth opportunities. Below is a sampling of their upcoming offerings. As you will see, membership does have its privileges, but there is a nonmember rate as well. (more…)