Stand Out: Pete Cooper, President of the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga

Stand outWelcome to the debut interview of  Stand Out, an original Q & A series. Allow me to introduce you to my friend, colleague and local rock star fundraiser Pete Cooper, President of the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga.

Q: Pete, How long have you been in the development business?

A: My primary job at the Community Foundation is fundraiser. I have been doing that for 21 years. But before that, while I was in the Trust Department of SunTrust Bank, (more…)

A family recipe for board and donor engagement

Slide503 cups of Face-to-Face Visits. Over coffee or lunch, at their office and (best of all) on-site. Phone calls, emails and social media touches are all good and relevant but should be used to provide a greater context to the personal interaction. The near-entirety of your business is to build relationships and nothing comes close to face-to-face conversations with board members and donors. (more…)