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Is your charitable pie missing a slice? Part two

Kimberely Homemade GF PieMy husband and I are in the process of updating our will. We are pleased to include our church, college and several other causes we care about with a deferred gift in our estate plans. It is a rewarding step to take, and if you haven’t already, I would encourage you to consider making planned gifts to your “favorites” as well. The question is: will the organizations you care about be ready to accept your planned gifts? I sure hope so! But just in case, here are some quick tips. (more…)

Is your charitable pie missing a slice? Part one

Kimberely Homemade GF PieYour organization may be missing out on its piece of the charitable pie if you do not have an active planned giving program.

Time spent talking to donors about planned gifts (often called deferred gifts) will reap long-term benefits to your organization.

There are three prerequisites to consider prior to launching a planned giving program: (more…)