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Workplace Giving Report points to more engagement

Slide104What can we learn from nearly 100 businesses with more than 1.4 million employees contributing $230 million charitable dollars annually? America’s Charities set out to tackle this question in the recently released report: Snapshot: Trends and Strategies to Engage Employees in Greater Giving. The data reveals the largest shift in more than ten years as employers introduce strategies to engage employees more in giving.

While employers seek solutions to a more efficient and effective approach to workplace giving, America’s Charities CEO Steve Delfin believes its time for companies to launch a Version 2.0. (more…)

Philanthropy: A growth strategy for business?

By Pamela Dubin Beaty

Pamela Dubin BeatyTo gain market share, does a business need to ‘do good’, ‘look-like-it-is-doing­-good’ or does it even matter? This past week, CNBC  aired Philanthropy, Inc., an hour-long analysis and case study of philanthropy as a business strategy, to bring attention to the complexity of private sector /non-profit partnerships.

Fact:  Wal-Mart’s philanthropic leadership in the first days following Hurricane Katrina (outpacing the US government) catapulted Wal-Mart to #1 (more…)