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Interactive Report Released on Charitable Giving

Slide17A recent charitable giving report from The Chronicle of Philanthropy reveals some fascinating giving demographics for the United States. Always a sucker for demographics data, I poured over the interactive content and found all sorts of goodies!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Manhattan’s Upper East Side (zip code 10021) contributed more money than any other zip code in the country. (more…)

Thought-provoking research on charitable giving as seen through brain scan, and Michael Rosen’s take on the impact of this study on planned giving.

Michael Rosen Says...

An exciting new study from researchers at Texas Tech University used brain scans to garner fresh insight into charitable giving behavior. Specifically, the study looked at what motivates individuals to make a charitable bequest commitment as well as what de-motivates them. This is the first time that Magnetic Resonance Imaging has been used to examine charitable bequest decision making.

This blog post marks the first time that the breakthrough findings of the Texas Tech study have been released to the nonprofit development community. I am honored that Russell N. James, III, JD, PhD, CFP furnished me with a preview copy of his draft report, “Charitable Estate Planning as Visualized Autobiography: An fMRI Study of Its Neural Correlates.”  I thank James for providing me with the draft report and for allowing me to share it with you. I also want to recognize Michael W. O’Boyle, Ph.D. who co-authored the report.

While James has written a scientific…

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Remembering 9.11.01: the bad, the good and the charitable

Slide66Two weeks ago, we celebrated the tenth birthday of our first-born son. It was impossible then, and most especially today, to ignore how life as we knew it forever changed when he was only 14 days old.

It is fitting that today, the tenth anniversary of 9.11, we pay tribute to the victims, heroes and charitable legacies reluctantly established after the horrible attacks.

Here are some recent articles and websites offering perspectives: (more…)