Social Media for Nonprofits

Anniversary Videos That Inform and Engage

Slide03I’ve written about videos in the past and how they can turn viewers into advocates for and contributors to your organizations. We now have compelling evidence that shows for a third of all donors between the ages of 18 and 48, video is important to the causes they support. No surprise that the majority of Millennials (56%) view online videos about charities they support, and nearly half (46%) of Gen Xers (including me) do the same. Although a similar comparison is not available for baby boomers, who represent 43% of the total giving (more…)

Content Marketing is King

Slide43The Twitter feed is full of all sorts of useful content. As far as social media platforms go, Twitter is probably my current personal favorite, delivering nuggets of gold in 140 characters or less. A Sept. 7, 2013 Tweet by @cdilly — social media guru Colleen Dilenschneider — included a powerful one-liner and a link to a terrific infographic about the power of content marketing: “Per dollar spent, content marketing generates approximately 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing” (more…)

The right software to grow causes you care about

Tony Martignetti

Tony Martignetti

The Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio podcast recently featured CEO of Software Advice Don Fornes who spoke about his five best tips for identifying the right software, such as to avoid the allure of “bells and whistles” of a system’s technology and focus on what you actually need. (more…)

The Mobile World Means “Social Change Anytime Everywhere”

Slide002Did you know 42% of email is now opened on a mobile device and only 3% of emails that are opened from a mobile device are also opened on a desktop? It’s no surprise that the nonprofit sector, like the rest of the world, is chasing a mobile audience. Statistics like these remind us why.

Lucky for us, there are resources available that provide social media best practices in order to help us engage our mobile community of smartphone and tablet users.

One of my favorite social media resources is the Nonprofit Tech 2.0 blog by Heather Mansfield. I also recommend her Social Media for Social Good book and webinars. There is also a ton of social media love found at (more…)

Crazy fun meets doing good with Moolta’s crowdfunding video challenges

images-2Crowdfunding platforms continue to experience growth. When comparing total amount raised in 2012 to 2011, crowdfunding giant Kickstarter reported a 200% increase, IndieGoGo projects raised a respectable 20% more, and Razoo– the number one exclusively charitable crowdfunding platform–reported a stellar 2012, including breaking the world’s record with $16.3 million raised online in 24 hours. (more…)

2012 Social Giving Infographic

Slide05It was a very good year for social giving! A virtual high-five to a great Twitter follower John Hayden (@johnhaydon) who shared this infographic by MDG Advertising via Small Act and Annie Lynsen. Enjoy! (more…)

Online Safety Infographic

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 11.33.40 AM


A Standford University study found that anonymous data gathered online from web browsers was being sold.


Probably not, but an infographic created by the wants us to know why we are not safe online.

What do you think? (more…)

How much should my nonprofit be raising online?

Find the answer to this important question here:

Powerful videos inspire support

Slide03Digital consumption is enormous. With mobile devices and TVs literally all around us at any given moment, it should not surprise us to learn the average person is exposed to more than 8 hours of screen time per day (source: Council for Research Excellence).

No matter how you feel about video consumption, the fact remains, our donors and potential donors are tuning in like never before. Using social media tools and email, video messages can spread like wild-fire. Online video can be used to turn viewers into advocates for and contributors to your organizations almost instantly. (more…)

Great insight on using social media for yourself and your organizations at the same time.