Donor Engagement

Three solutions that might have helped Garth Brooks honor his parents while supporting a local hospital

Slide01How does the top-selling solo artist in U.S. history end up in court suing over a charitable gift? I’m not sure, but it certainly makes the mind wonder what went so wrong. I researched pages and pages of media coverage about the Garth Brooks trial and would like to offer three possible solutions that might have avoided an unfortunate trial that left a donor, a hospital, a city and the philanthropic community divided. (more…)

Stewardship matters

This is a magic drawer stocked with cards for every occasion. And every good fundraiser should have one.” – Shanon Doolittle, Do good, feel better.

When it comes to stewardship, it has been said: “How can I thank thee? Let me count the ways.” (more…)

QR what?

QR code Viewers Choice  Aug 2011 npcoachQR code. What is it, and why use one?

QR code stands for Quick Response code, and it is designed for use exclusively with smartphones. Why should this matter to you? According to Nielson, today 40 percent of mobile users are on smartphones, and of those not on smartphones, 55% intend to get one by the end of 2011. Some forecasters predict by 2012, half of all mobile users will have smartphones. (more…)

Social Media: Three Big Myths

The Gallup Management Journal blog has great content. In a recent post written by Blaise James and Jim Asplund, they explore the impact of social media on acquiring new customers. Much of the information in the article is relevant to the acquisition of donors, members, clients or students. (more…)

A family recipe for board and donor engagement

Slide503 cups of Face-to-Face Visits. Over coffee or lunch, at their office and (best of all) on-site. Phone calls, emails and social media touches are all good and relevant but should be used to provide a greater context to the personal interaction. The near-entirety of your business is to build relationships and nothing comes close to face-to-face conversations with board members and donors. (more…)

Thoughts from the author of “Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing”

Donor Centered Gift Planning BookThree things “Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing” author Michael Rosen would be pleased for your nonprofit organization to do, especially during an uncertain economy:

  • Spend time with Donors.
  • Have a Compelling Case for Support.
  • Keep Asking.

I couldn’t agree more! You can read his thoughtful post “3 Ways for Nonprofits to Crash & Burn in Current Economy” here.

His “Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing” book is an excellent resource to help you identify your best planned giving prospects and inspire them to give more to the causes they care about most. The book is available on Amazon.