Culture of philanthropy

Mission, Music, Money: A CNN Heroes Tribute

Slide29The CNN Heroes awards show is everything a fundraising event should be and more: inspiring missions, inspired musicians and money raised for more good works! Although many tried, ten worthy missions had access to a star-studded stage with a global audience. This year CNN had more than 10,000 submissions from more than 100 countries. (more…)

A culture of philanthropy

Slide68Nonprofit organizations that have nurtured a culture of philanthropy among its constituents are the most effective at raising money for their missions. What do I mean by culture of philanthropy? Nonprofits with a culture of philanthropy tend to:

  1. focus less on money and more on relationships.
  2. focus less on financial needs and more on winning people, programs and solutions.
  3. balance being donor-centered and mission-focused effectively.
  4. have established annual giving programs that support effective major gifts programs.
  5. have boards and staff who all donate.
  6. have volunteers involved at every level of fundraising.
  7. have engaged board members and senior leadership teams who accept responsibility in sustaining this culture of philanthropy.

It takes time to develop a culture of philanthropy.

Time well spent!

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