Discover and develop satisfaction in passionate giving

Slide02When I interview candidates for advancement positions, there is one question I lean on that has frequently helped narrow the search. It is a thoughtful question someone once asked me: What has been your most satisfying work experience and why?

How would you answer this question? Perhaps your most satisfying experience is about accomplishments of a dream team you worked with or maybe about a small change you implemented that made a big difference. For me, a mission-focused priority that is connected to a donors passionate gift is among the most satisfying professional experiences I’ve ever had. Let me share an example:

While working at an independent school for children with special needs, our program team identified a funding priority to start a creative movement program for our students. A board member I worked closely with had a friend who was knowledgeable and passionate about dancing, and we invited her for a tour to seek her advice before launching the program. During the conversation it became clear this was a perfect match of mission meets donor. I am pleased to report the initial funding for the creative movement program was made possible by the very person we sought advice.

As the diagram above illustrates, when you are both mission-focused and donor-centered, the ultimate giving occurs. In our line of work, it doesn’t get much better than this! It is a total thrill to play a part in helping a donor discover or further develop passionate giving.

How are you discovering and developing satisfaction in passionate giving for the causes you care about?

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