Aaron Collin’s final wish for an “awesome tip” fulfilled again and again

Slide41Imagine having the opportunity to fulfill a loved one’s final wish. What a mixed bag of emotions it must be to face the loss of a loved one and the challenge of making their last wish come true. This is exactly what Seth Collins recently faced three days after his thirty year-old brother Aaron Collins passed away. Seth made sure his brother’s final wish was fulfilled.

Here is the true account as written by Seth:

My brother passed away July 7, 2012. His final wish in his will, if he left enough money, was that we have pizza and give the waiter or waitress a $500 tip. Aaron never had much money , and he didn’t have enough to make this happen, so I started a website and took donations. On July 10 we were able to make his wish come true for the first time.

We think he just wanted to provide a random act of kindness and generosity for someone he thought was under appreciated; the kind of thing that would make a lasting impact they would never forget. If you want to keep his legacy going, please feel free to donate.

As of this writing, enough money has been raised to give $500 tips to 56 servers; one per week for over a year!

According to Seth’s blog, Aaron wrote instructions in his will to “leave an awesome tip to a waiter or waitress,” and he gave the example of tipping $500 for a pizza. Here is the video documenting Aaron’s awesome tip:

Learn more at AaronCollins.org.

-Nancy Patterson

A special call-out to my Twitter friend Ryan Hodgson @Ryanintheus for sharing this inspiring story.


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