Queer ideas and nuggets of gold

Slide09The annual International Fundraising Congress (IFC) was held last week in Amsterdam. Here are the highlights from Mark Phillip’s Queer ideas blog: Five things we learned at the IFC

Chuck Longfield, Blackbaud‘s chief scientist, has a job where he can crunch millions of numbers from a huge range of charities. If a question pops into his head, it doesn’t take him long to find the answer. In his session, Chuck shared some of his findings which included the following nuggets of gold:

  • If someone calls you to change their address they are TEN times more likely to leave you a legacy (or upgrade, or set up a regular gift or anything else you might ask them to do).
  • Donors who tend to give uncommon amounts are much easier to upgrade than those who give common amounts.
  • Donors get hooked on giving amounts. After 4 years they are 80% more likely to stick to their preferred amount rather than increase their gift (rising to 90% after 5 years).
  • Calling a donor to thank them (whether you speak to them or just leave a message on the answer phone) can increase their next year’s gift value by up to 40%.
  • Misspelling someone’s last name can decrease gift size by up to 12%.

Read his entire post here.

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