Stewardship matters

This is a magic drawer stocked with cards for every occasion. And every good fundraiser should have one.” – Shanon Doolittle, Do good, feel better.

When it comes to stewardship, it has been said: “How can I thank thee? Let me count the ways.”

Donor appreciation and recognition that is meaningful should be the foundation of all your development efforts.

Stewardship is an area in fundraising that truly separates the good nonprofits from the great ones. It means that the leaders of your organization are taking seriously the responsibility of proper care of all donated resources.

There are a variety of ways to demonstrate genuine donor stewardship. Simple things like handwritten correspondence and personal calls to say “thank you” are effective ways to steward your donors. It is valuable to your donors and your organization to maintain meaningful contact over time.

Being professional and timely with acknowledgement letters, emails and phone queries are other ways. Accurately reporting donations and their uses will build trust. Taking the time to hand-sign a letter means so much more than a letter with a scanned signature. And, of course, face-to-face visits filled with good conversation and updates about your organization will bring great rewards to both the donor and your institution.

Whether you are a paid development staffer or a dedicated volunteer fundraiser, stewardship, and your active role in it, really does matters.

This post was inspired by the quality content found on Mark Phillip’s Queer Ideas.

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