Web 1.0, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Web 4.0: crash course highlights

Slide43Did you suddenly wake up one day and realize the web now had versions? I know I did. Webinars, books and online sites like Wikipedia and tech blogs have been very helpful to me recently as I attempt to better understand the web .0’s and where it might be headed.

Here are highlights from my own crash course:

  • Web 1.0 is a one way street to a website with content controlled by the webmasters.
  • Web 2.0 turned the Web into an engaging conversation where information is shared in real-time using social media tools like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Wiki, LinkedIn and blogs. The user rules. Social media expertise is now needed.
  • The Web 3.0 mantra: Go mobile! More and more people are using Smartphone’s, tablets and multi-apps concurrently (known in tech talk as a mashup). Trying to view a Web 1.0 content on a Smartphone can be frustrating. It is time to invest into mobile websites now. Expect better quality of open video, and as I am sure you are already experiencing, although technology may not be able to predict your decisions, it sure may seem that way.
  • Web 4.0 – Some futurists predict the Internet will consume t.v. No one really knows for sure what is in store for all of us with Web 4.0, but one thing is certain, more innovation is on the way.

Here’s a question to noodle over: Are people on your team thinking about the use of the web and social media on a regular basis and how it parallels their work?

-Nancy Patterson

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