Is your charitable pie missing a slice? Part one

Kimberely Homemade GF PieYour organization may be missing out on its piece of the charitable pie if you do not have an active planned giving program.

Time spent talking to donors about planned gifts (often called deferred gifts) will reap long-term benefits to your organization.

There are three prerequisites to consider prior to launching a planned giving program:

  1. A successful and stable annual fund and/or membership program
  2. The institution’s ability to attract major gifts
  3. Acceptance and leadership by the Board and Chief Executive that a planned giving program is a long-term commitment

Gifts of bequests account for more than 80% of all planned gifts. Therefore, it makes sense that you initially start by focusing your efforts on attracting bequest intentions. Launch a planned giving society with charter members and a chair; recognize those donors annually and with special events with the Board and staff. The Board should lead the way in this effort, and be sure to talk with your most loyal donors about making a planned gift.

Click here for part two in this series.


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